03 9.49E-03 4.54E-03 9.12E-03 1.09E-02 5.70E-06 1.16E-02 1.17E-02 1.24E-02 1.26E-02 7.21E-03 two.70E-

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03 9.49E-03 four.54E-03 9.Imexon 59643-91-3 12E-03 1.09E-02 5.70E-06 1.16E-02 1.17E-02 1.24E-02 1.26E-02 7.21E-03 two.70E-03 4.92E-04 9.81E-01 two.22E-02 two.30E-02 3.32E-03 1.21E-02 2.46E-02 3.00E-06 4.77E-02 1.42E-02 4.08E-03 2.94E-02 three.25E-02 4.15E-02 0.00E+00 0.00E+00 four.55E-08 0.00E+00 four.47E-04 9.38E-04 9.60E-01 1.12E-03 1.95E-05 three.94E-05 1.73E-03 three.22E-29 1.77E-21 two.50E-03 1.27E-05 1.42E-05 3.98E-14 two.63E-03 two.79E-03 three.07E-03 3.22E-03 1.71E-10 1.45E-04 five.66E-03 four.91E-03 1.48E-18 1.23E-02 9.94E-04 1.34E-02 0.00E+00 1.29E-03 1.00E-02 eight.84E-05 2.34E-12 six.65E-04 five.64E-08 two.12E-02 two.15E-02 1.96E-02 1.00E+00 2.11E-03 7.12E-04 2.62E-02 3.55E-02 8.37E-04 2.67E-02 2.05E-02 4.14E-02 3.18E-02 1.06E-04 two.53E-06 7.24E-03 2.91e-4 3.45e-4 4.53e-4 5.13e-4 6.97e-4 9.38e-4 1.09e-3 1.12e-3 1.25e-3 1.38e-3 1.53e-3 1.61e-3 1.65e-3 1.66e-3 1.69e-3 1.79e-3 1.86e-3 2.32e-3 two.68e-3 3.06e-3 three.22e-3 three.43e-3 5.63e-3 5.65e-3 six.84e-3 7.58e-3 8.16e-3 PubMed ID:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25112874 8.50e-3 eight.84e-3 9.12e-3 9.57e-3 9.99e-3 1.15e-2 1.17e-2 1.17e-2 1.26e-2 1.40e-2 1.88e-2 1.92e-2 1.93e-2 two.01e-2 2.23e-2 2.29e-2 2.34e-2 two.38e-2 2.67e-2 two.72e-2 two.72e-2 2.77e-2 2.93e-2 3.25e-2 3.43e-Cheung et al. Genome Medicine 2012, 4:75 http://genomemedicine.com/content/4/9/Page 20 ofTable 14 Top rated 100 terms shared by the MeSHOPs of PAX6 and aniridia (Continued)Sequence homology, amino acid Glutamine Chromosomes, human, pair 10 Cytogenetics Nervous method malformations Organ specificity Catenins Genetic heterogeneity Brain-derived neurotrophic element Chromosomes, human, pair 12 Leucine zippers Verbal behavior Mice, transgenic Visual acuity DNA fingerprinting Sequence alignment Autistic disorder Fluorescent antibody approach, indirect Age factors 3.52E-02 five.38E-03 1.97E-02 three.86E-02 five.11E-02 two.36E-01 6.22E-02 two.45E-02 five.07E-02 two.70E-02 1.64E-04 two.09E-01 6.20E-02 5.65E-02 9.30E-02 1.69E-02 9.48E-02 9.84E-02 9.37E-01 three.31E-04 four.13E-02 5.72E-02 two.41E-04 9.30E-02 1.90E-01 1.59E-02 7.09E-02 six.24E-07 7.77E-02 5.28E-02 1.53E-01 five.89E-03 0.00E+00 three.44E-02 7.59E-02 three.57E-02 three.83E-02 9.97E-01 three.49e-2 three.59e-2 3.75e-2 3.84e-2 four.18e-2 4.62e-2 4.63e-2 4.64e-2 five.07e-2 five.08e-2 five.26e-2 five.57e-2 5.61e-2 5.65e-2 5.85e-2 five.90e-2 five.91e-2 six.00e-2 6.03e-The prime 50 most equivalent MeSH terms of your 235 MeSH terms shared by each the MeSHOP for aniridia as well as the MeSHOP for PAX6 are presented right here.