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In conclusion, the present findings suggest that DMAU has potential as an orally active single-agent reversible male hormonal contraceptive, with minimal hepatotoxicity, and should be tested in a nonhuman primate model. The authors would like to thank Dr Sailaja Koduri for her help with the RIAs and Robert Heikkila of Ani Lytics Inc, Gaithersburg, Maryland, for analysis of serum samples for ALT, AST, GGT, and SDH levels. The expertise of the following technicians is gratefully acknowledged: Huifen Gao, Bruce Till, Anne Semon, Trung Pham, Laurent Pessaint, Jessica Pray, and Yangqing Zhao. Care of the animals was provided by Martha Washington and Guideon Nkamdjeu. We thank also Drs Richard Blye of the Contraception and Reproductive Health Branch (CRHB), NICHD, and Jerry R. Reel for their input into the design of this study SCH727965 cell line and useful discussions, and Dr June Lee of the CRHB for her continued support of this research. ""Age-related testicular changes are associated with declining spermatogenesis and testosterone levels. A relationship to atherosclerosis has never been investigated systematically. The ApoE?/?/LDL receptor?/? double knockout mouse model, providing a remarkable homology to human atherosclerosis, is an ideal tool to investigate spermatogenetic alterations in this context. Testes (n?=?10) from ApoE?/?/LDL receptor?/? double knockout mice at the age of 80?weeks were perfused in vivo with contrast agent, harvested and Nintedanib scanned with micro-CT at (4.9?��m?) voxel size. Testes (n?=?8) of C57/BL mice at the same age served as controls. Testis volume (mm?) and total vascular volume fraction (mm?) were quantified using micro-CT. Serum testosterone levels were determined. Testicular histology and epididymal sections were analysed for tubular structure, spermatogenetic scores and sperm count. The expression of protamine 2 as a marker for elongated spermatids, inflammation markers (CD4, F4/80) and hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha (HIF1 alpha) were investigated using immunohistochemistry. ApoE?/?/LDL receptor?/? double knockout mice exhibit diminished testis and vascular volume fraction with respect to that of controls (p?selleckchem was present in 41% of the seminiferous tubuli in ApoE?/?/LDL receptor?/? double knockout mice at the age of 80?weeks. Sperm counts from the epididymis demonstrated a significant decrease in ApoE?/?/LDL receptor?/? double knockout mice (p?