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Located in the busyness of New York City, Mono devices LLC was an authorized reseller for the SEM DDG show 8901 protection spend Container.Through the original agreements we're able to ship straight starting themanufacturer warehouse, cutting costs furthermore delivering the LOWEST PRICESaround.

Ready Overview DDG Series 8901 Security Waste Container : Black Comparable in proportions and/or form towards a typical file case A unique hinged baffle create offers the finest in tamper resistance A heavy responsibility range case using bring handles and/or zipper is roofed There are no revealed hinges to locking pins to boost tamper resistance.

Additional InformationDDG Show 8901 Protection Waste Container : BlackManufactured Inside USAManuf Part 376DDGB8901Model DDG 8901 BlackExpected Deliver Date 3-5 DaysWeight 120000Dimensions 52H x 16W x 25DColor Black.

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