) 13 (43.33)Motivation to comply Religious and spiritual beliefs Religion Spirituality Self-esteem Instinct — различия между версиями

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Should you have sex you could Hat of `adherence', reflecting the part on the service user within possibly develop into infected since it is just not recognized no matter whether the person is wholesome or not." (A Mals had been allowed to rest for a couple of hours. During 22-year-old girl).4.1.three. Perceived BenefitsPerceived rewards refer to bel.) 13 (43.33)Motivation to comply Religious and spiritual beliefs Religion Spirituality Self-esteem Instinct Perceived self-efficacy22 (73.33) ten (33.33) 6 (20) 9 (30)10 (33.33)Character4.1. Well being BeliefsaValues are presented as No. .Sense of independence7 (23.33)Well being beliefs in this study involve attitudes, perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits, perceived barriers, normative beliefs, motivation to comply, and perceived self-efficacy.4. ResultsThe 30 participants within this study included 56.67 (n = 17) males and 43.33 (n = 13) females. Participants' age ranges from 19 to 25 years (Table 1). Evaluation of handwritten notes on individual aspects affecting premarital sexual intercourse from the students' perspective showed 3 main categories of things (Table two).Table 1. Demographical Characteristics from the Participantsa Variable Gender Male 19 21 Female 20 22 23 17 (56.67) 13 (43.33) eight (26.67) 5 (16.67) 5 (16.67) four (13.33) 1 (three.33) 1 (3.33) 6 (20) Valuesb4.1.1. AttitudeSome of your students mentioned they had a good attitude to possessing sex. A number of them believed that the premarital sexual intercourse is required. Other folks had a unfavorable attitude towards premarital sexual intercourse. One example is, one student stated "Sex just before marriage isn't a negative factor, every person ought to attempt it. For those who have premarital sexual intercourse it is possible to fully grasp factors and get extra mature. In the event you don't attempt it just before having married you might be confused." (A 24-year-old boy).4.1.two. Perceived SusceptibilityAge, yIran Red Crescent Med J. 2016; 18(two)eaN = 30. bValues are presented as No. .24Perceived susceptibility refers to beliefs concerning the likelihood of receiving a illness or condition. Many of the students had been afraid in the possibility of acquiring some illnesses, for example HIVAIDS and hepatitis B following sexual relations before marriage. For example, certainly one of the students mentioned that "Some believe diseases for example HIVAIDS and hepatitis B transmit by way of sexual intercourse and this concern makes worry among them in regards to the threat of receiving illnesses." (A 24-year-old boy). A different participant stated that "Well, my wellness is essential. In case you have sex you could possibly turn into infected because it isn't known no matter if the particular person is healthy or not." (A 22-year-old girl).four.1.3. Perceived SeverityGhaffari M et al.Perceived severity is often a person's belief about the seriousness of contracting a illness or wellness dilemma. The students thought that getting premarital sexual intercourse has undesirable consequences. Some students expressed that sexual activity can have damaging social consequences. For example, a student stated "In my opinion, sexual relations, if not controlled can have incredibly terrible consequences for the individual, such as AIDS, which is quite hazardous." (A 21-year-old boy). Another student said "In addition to leading to prevalent diseases, sex has lots of social consequences as well.