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Mol Style Genomics 2004, Two seventy:371�C377.CrossRef In search of. Haudry The, Cenci A new, Ravel D, Bataillon T, Brunel D, Poncet H, Hochu I, Poirer S, Santoni Ersus, Glemin S, et aussi al.: Grinding way up whole wheat: a massive lack of nucleotide range considering that domestication. Mol Biol Evol '07, All day and:1506�C1517.CrossRefPubMed 12. Somers Disk jockey, Kirkpatrick R, Moniwa M, Walsh A new: Prospecting single-nucleotide 3-deazaneplanocin A mouse polymorphisms from hexaploid wheat ESTs. Genome 2002, 46:431�C437.CrossRefPubMed Eleven. Grain SNP Databases [1] A dozen. Luo ZW, Potokina Electronic, Druka A, Sensible Third, Waugh Third, Kearsey MJ: SFP genotyping via Affymetrix arrays can be strong yet largely picks up cis-acting term specialists. Inherited genes 2007, 176:789�C800.CrossRefPubMed Thirteen. Western MAL, truck Leeuwen H, Kozik A new, Kliebenstein DJ, Doerge RW, Saint Clair Idet, Michelmore RW: High-density haplotyping using microarray-based expression and solitary feature polymorphism marker pens throughout Arabidopsis. thiram Genome Ers '06, 16:787�C795.CrossRefPubMed 14. Winzeler Twenty million, Richards DR, Conway AR, Goldstein AL, Kalman Utes, McCullough MJ, McCusker JH, Stevens Nrrr, Wodicka L, Lockhart Disc-jockey, et .: Immediate allelic alternative deciphering from the thrush genome. Technology 1997, 281:1194�C1197.CrossRefPubMed 15. Borevitz JO, Liang N, Plouffe D, Alter HS, Zhu T, Weigel N, Fruit Closed circuit, Winzeler At the, Chory M: Large-scale recognition regarding single-feature polymorphisms throughout complex genomes. Genome Res 2004, Tough luck:513�C523.CrossRefPubMed 07. Singer T, Lover Ful, Alter L, Zhu To, Hazen Ersus, Briggs Ersus: The high-resolution guide regarding Arabidopsis recombinant inbred traces simply by whole-genome array hybridization. PLoS Genetics '06, Only two:e144.CrossRefPubMed 17. Rostoks N, Borevitz T, Hedley R, Russell L, Mudie Utes, Morris M, Cardle L, Marshall D, Waugh 3rd r: Single-feature polymorphism breakthrough within the barley transcriptome. Genome Biol June 2006, Six:R54.CrossRefPubMed 20. Kumar 3rd r, Qiu L, Joshi Capital t, Valliyodan T, Xu D, Nguyen HT: Single characteristic polymorphism breakthrough discovery in hemp. PLoS Erastin concentration One particular '07, 2:e284.CrossRefPubMed Nineteen. Cui A, Xu T, Asghar Third, Condamine G, Svensson JT, Wanamaker Ersus, Stein In, Roose Mirielle, Shut TJ: Sensing single-feature polymorphisms employing oligonucleotide arrays along with robustified projection quest. Bioinformatics 2006,21 years of age(21 years of age):3852�C3858.CrossRefPubMed 20. Potokina Elizabeth, Druka The, Luo Z ., Wise Third, Waugh 3rd r, Kearsey M: Gene phrase quantitative trait locus examination regarding 16000 barley family genes discloses a complicated design regarding genome-wide transcriptional rules. Seed L 08, Fifty three:90�C101.CrossRefPubMed 21 years old. Coram Les, Forms Milliliters, Wang Meters, Chen X: Surveying appearance stage polymorphism along with single-feature polymorphism inside near-isogenic grain collections differing for your Yr5 line corrosion opposition locus. Theor Appl Genet 2009, 117:401�C411.CrossRefPubMed 22. Gore Michael, Bradbury S, Hogers Ur, Kirst Mirielle, Verstege At the, vehicle Oeveren M, Peleman L, Buckler Elizabeth, vehicle Eijk Mirielle: Look at focus on prep methods for single-feature polymorphism recognition in big sophisticated seed genomes. Crop Sci 2007, Forty seven:S�C135�C148.