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8 cuticle routine creation; epidermal cell difference ? Osiris 21 years old CG14925 2L Three.Four not known ? CG4702 CG4702 3R Three or more.Several unfamiliar ? CG8420 CG8420 3R 3.2 unknown ? dusky-like CG15013 3L Three.1 structural component regarding cuticle ? CG1499 CG1499 3R 3.One unknown ? Ecdysone-inducible gene L1 CG10717 3L Three.1 unidentified ? ectodermal CG6611 3L 3.3 unidentified ? vrille CG14029 2L Three.0 transcribing element activity; bristle morphogenesis ? CG13728 CG13728 3L Two.Being unfaithful unfamiliar ? CG15020 CG15020 3L Two.8 structural ingredient regarding follicle ? CG15643 CG15643 Times Only two.8-10 not known ? CG32354 CG32354 3L Two.Several endopeptidase selleck kinase inhibitor inhibitor exercise ? CG13078 CG13078 2L 2.Several unfamiliar ? CG15589 CG15589 3R Only two.Several not known ? shavenoid CG13209 2R Only two.6 wing locks biogenesis; antennal morphogenesis ? CG10898 CG10898 3R Two.Your five Genetic repair ? CG13059 CG13059 3L Two.3 unidentified ? CG4844 CG4844 2R Only two.Several unidentified ? CG31637 CG31637 2L 2.2 sulfotransferase activity; carbs metabolic rate ? CG11438 CG11438 3L A couple of.A single phosphatidate phosphatase heptaminol action; lipid metabolism ? Dopa decarboxylase CG10697 2L Two.3 catecholamine metabolic process; learning and/or storage ? buddy regarding iHog CG32796 By Only two.Zero ectoderm development; neurological system advancement ? CG10249 CG10249 2R Two.3 unidentified Feminine CG6337 CG6337 2R 16.Only two cysteine-type endopeptidase action ? CG31878 CG31878 2L 14.Nine structural ingredient of cuticle ? CG16884 CG16884 2L 14.0 unidentified ? CG16885 CG16885 2L Ten.Two not known ? CG14752 CG14752 2R Being unfaithful.2 unfamiliar ? CG8927 CG8927 3R 6.Your five unknown ? CG7330 CG7330 3L Half a dozen.7 unknown ? CG15251 CG15251 X Six.Five unidentified ? CG12164 CG12164 2R 6.1 unfamiliar ? CG10264 CG10264 3R Half a dozen.Zero not known ? Cuticular proteins 97Eb CG15884 3R A few.9 architectural component of follicle ? CG32694 CG32694 A Your five.Some not known ? CG16886 CG16886 2L A few.Several unidentified ? b6 CG3100 X Five.Two neuronal pentraxin receptor task ? Peritrophin A new CG17058 A Your five.2 chitin holding; chitin metabolic process ? CG10175 HDAC inhibitor CG10175 3R 4.Being unfaithful carboxylesterase task; phosphopantetheine binding ? CG30427 CG30427 2R Several.In search of oxidoreductase activity ? CG11380 CG11380 By Several.7 unidentified ? CG15778 CG15778 By Some.Seven unfamiliar ? CG17829 CG17829 A Several.Your five nucleic chemical p holding; zinc presenting ? CG1441 CG1441 2R Some.3 oxidoreductase activity ? CG32645 CG32645 Times Some.Three transferase exercise ? CG32036 CG32036 3L 4.Two chitin holding; chitin metabolism ? CG14052 CG14052 By 4.One not known ? Cyp303a1 CG4163 2L Several.One physical appendage improvement; anabolic steroid metabolic rate ? CG3244 CG3244 2L Four.0 sugar binding ? CG32499 CG32499 X Three.8-10 chitin presenting; chitin fat burning capacity ? CG32550 CG32550 Times Three or more.6 unknown ? CG10051 CG10051 2R 3.7 unknown ? CG13931 CG13931 3L Several.Some unidentified ? Pherokine Three CG9358 2R 3.6 proteins kinase activity; gametogenesis ? CG17707 CG17707 X Three.Five not known ? CG14534 CG14534 2L Three.A few nutritious reservoir exercise ? Cuticular necessary protein 50Ca CG13338 2R 3.A few structural ingredient involving cuticle ? CG13138 CG13138 2L 3.5 unknown ? CG9021 CG9021 2L Three.4 unidentified ? GV1 CG12023 3L Three.Four Genetics holding ? CG14770 CG14770 Times 3.Four unfamiliar ? CG15322 CG15322 Times Several.3 unknown ? CG7031 CG7031 3R Several.