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90 Revenue reputation(Eth. Birr)1 . ? ? ? ? Have no income 132 (30.0) 42/132 Zero.Eighty seven (2.Fifty,One particular.51) Zero.Sixty one ???Not specified Ninety (Fifteen.7) 42/90 1.Fifty-seven (2.87,Two.Eighty three) 0.Tough luck ???��500 180 (20.3) 66/180 One.2008 (0.62,One.74) 2.89 ???501-999 104 (18.Two) 37/104 34/95 2.97 (Zero.Fifty five,One.Seventy seven) 0.Before 2000 ???��1000 92 (Twenty four.9) ? One.500 ? *12 Ethiopian Birr Is equal to A single Dollar USD in 2009, statistically substantial in (p Mianserin HCl the regular or perhaps a laid-back spouse (g Equates to 3.002). Stand A couple of Designs of rubber use 3 months ahead of the study between respondents Artwork from the general public nursing homes associated with Addis Ababa, 09 Rubber use routine 3 months prior to study Regularity Condom utilize before testing HIV+ ? ? ? D (Percent) Abnormal people Non- Users Times Only two P-Value Constant user(always employed) 379 (Sixty three.1%) NU7026 manufacturer 123 (33.5% ) 156 (Sixty seven.5% ) ? ? Unpredictable person(irregularly utilized) Ninety one (15.1%) Thirty seven (Forty.7%) Fifty-four (Fifty nine.3%) In search of.92 0.Mission impossible - Non- users (not necessarily employed at all) 131 (21 years old.8%) 31(21.4%) 103 (78.6%) ? ? *statistically considerable (s AZD2171 solubility dmso associated with unprotected intercourse (r Is equal to Zero.001). Of those who documented one particular collaboration, 488 (90.2%) were built with a continuous companion, while Fifty three (Ten.8%) a casual partner. Among those with numerous spouses, the bulk (60%) have been laid-back lovers, while 19 (32.67%) reported each continuous and also informal spouses, these second option staying more likely to participate in unguaranteed making love (p Equates to 2.002). With regards to their lover's sero-status, 492(80.9%) were mindful of their spouse's serostatus 430 (Eighty seven.5%) sero-positive as well as 58 (12.5%) sero-negative). The rest One hundred and five(17.5%) didn't know their lover's sero-status and also Four (2.7%) described each good as well as unidentified sero-status. Those with a new sero-negative spouse have been less likely to participate in credit card sex (r